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Losing 25 pounds and dropping three dress sizes was a huge accomplishment for me! I struggled with losing weight for more 10 years and I never imagined attaining this goal into my 40s. In fact, I’m fitter now than I ever was in my 20s and 30s! The best reward was not just the weight loss but also feeling healthier. I have less aches and pains and more energy. I’m even happier to see the muscular change in my body, especially in my arms. For the first time in my life my arms are toned and I can actually feel the definition! Most importantly, I’m proud to be setting an example for my kids by showing them the importance of maintaining a healthy balance and active lifestyle.

Losing the weight was half the battle; maintaining the weight loss will be an ongoing process which I’m proud to say has become my new lifestyle. I’m at the gym at least 5 days a week doing cardio as well as with keeping up with my one-on-one personal training sessions. Bodies by Design has become such an important part of my life that when I don’t come in I feel like I’ve missed out on something that day.


Steve T

I was always a fit and active guy but I never realized over the years how much weight I slowly put on. Losing 20 pounds has made me feel happier and healthier than I have in years.  I now have a healthy balance in my lifestyle. I work in the landscape construction industry and this has helped me tremendously.

I’m confident to say I have the strength and stamina to keep up with my much younger employees!Coming to Bodies by Design was really out of my comfort zone. I was never a “gym guy,” but BBD is different. I’ve overcome the intimidation of the gym environment and made Bodies a part of my life. I don’t want to revert back to my old self, so keeping up with my one-on-one personal training sessions is a must. Big thanks to Dan for the motivation and keeping me on-track. From here on I only want to get better and better!

I’m a “work-a-holic” and never thought i had time for the gym.  Now Bodies is a part of me. Make the time for yourself and you won’t regret it!!



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