Are you ready to get Active with your Rehabilitation?

Don’t let subtle aches and pains turn into a bigger problem.

Our on-site Physiotherapist will work closely with our team doing assessments, reassessments, manual treatments, along with prescribing rehabilitative programs for clients. Clients will get to work with our team on their specific rehabilitation plan in order to get the most out of their treatment.

Our Physiotherapy in Woodbridge Program can help you!

  • Pain relief from Injuries and Conditions
  • Restore Balance, Coordination & Mobility
  • improve your Health and Functional levels
  • Enhance the Quality of your life

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Physio by Design is a new age program offering Physiotherapy in Woodbridge Ontario that combines Passive Therapy with Active Rehab and Conditioning.

The initial acute care treatment of your injury or illness may be over, but if you’re still not feeling like yourself we can help you to improve your strength, flexibility, conditioning and sense of well-being.

At Physio by Design our trained staff provide patients with active rehabilitation programs to help you meet your physical goal, whether it is being able to perform your daily activities, returning to the sport you love, or getting fit enough to return to work.

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Our Physiotherapy in Woodbridge program is coordinated by a Registered Physiotherapist and is assisted by Certified Assistant Physiotherapists and Certified Trainers. Our Integrated Therapy & Active Rehab provides treatment plans for chronic-pain management, sports-injuries and physical health maintenance.

Physio By Design is committed to providing the newest and most effective Therapy, Active Rehab and Exercise Programs that are available so that we can better help you attain your goals.

Our therapy is covered by most extended health care insurance plans.

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