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Nicholas – Personal Trainer Vaughan Ontario


Strength Training, Weight Management, Body Toning and Muscular Hypertrophy

Best Training Characteristics

Passionate and Knowledgeable


Personal Training Specialist (Can-Fit-Pro)

Words of Wisdom

“Eliminate the mindset of that you can’t, you can do anything”

nicholas personal trainer vaughan ontario

Martial arts was my first initial introduction to training, where I gained the knowledge and understanding of the discipline behind it. Being competitive myself, I pursued sports, such as basketball and wrestling. Continuing, I slowly became more interested in bodybuilding, from buying my first sets of old school vinyl weights at the age of 14 and watching every Youtuber, to getting my gym membership at 16. Furthermore, I was introduced to Crossfit style training, and eventually, compound lifts that led me to Powerlifting. This passion led me to compete in five powerlifting competitions, acting as a drive to pursue Kinesiology at York University, Massage Therapy at Humber College, and completing multiple fitness certifications such as Can-Fit-Pro.

Why did you want to become a personal trainer?

I have always wanted to become a trainer/coach. Being coached and trained myself gave me the experience of being in the client’s position of how it feels to be coached. It gave me insight on what I would do differently; truly understanding a client’s emotional state is of utmost importance. University helped me acknowledge that there are multiple ways to help a individual. Nutrition became an obsession for me; from being somebody who felt like it was impossible to gain weight with limited knowledge, I was able to successfully transform myself from 130 lbs to 180 lbs with my newfound knowledge of understanding how to manipulate weight in a healthy way.

Why do some clients fail and other clients succeed – what is the secret?

Fitness is mainly correlated with only certain types of training and body image. The individuals that relate to the fast action, strong, ripped body ideal image will achieve those results because that is what social media and numerous fitness companies promote. On the contrary, the individuals who do not share those same passions or result do not succeed because they feel like that is the only one way to achieve those results and think of it as something ‘out of their reach’ or ‘just too challenging’. The secret is that fitness is movement, and movement should be something that we enjoy. 

Why does the BBD program work?

The BBD program is optimal and progressive because it acknowledges the reality behind fitness. Fitness is a lifestyle, it should be Enjoyable, and is a Mindset.  It is something that is constantly going to be changing throughout one’s life, whether it’s a new goal, program, personal record, or passion. 

What is your most successful story with a BBD client, and what and how did it happen?

The most successful story with a client is a client that brought me out of my comfort zone. Andrew, a soon to be father, did not have the popularized goals of muscle gain, strength, or overall physique. He wanted to be a dad who was able to keep up with his child rather than struggling to find the energy to do so. This was a lifelong goal, not a temporary one, and he was able to maintain it by adapting it to his lifestyle. Andrew understood that fitness is a mindset that can be introduced into a person’s everyday life successfully and that it’s just about finding the knowledge and motivation to do so.

Nicholas – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

“Eliminate the mindset of that you can’t, you can do anything”

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