Natassia's Spotlight Story

My life before fitness was very fast paced and hectic. Everything I ever did revolved around work and school. I was a full-time student in my second year of Business Administration and worked pretty much full-time hours at TD Canada Trust.

It didn’t help that both of those were on opposite ends of the GTA. I also made sure to attend every event and to stay in contact with my friends and family. I was always on the go. I seriously never had time for anything but I also never thought to fit the gym in because I was already quite athletic and skinny.

Throughout high school, I was always that fun and energetic girl that loved and played sports as much as possible. I played for our high school lacrosse team from the ages of 16 to 18, and I loved it. Also, in my spare time, if I had any I used to go for runs too, but it wasn’t at all consistent.

What triggered my healthy lifestyle was a car accident I was the victim of when I was 20.

I had some really bad injuries, but the main ones were that I fractured a lot, had a severe traumatic brain injury and lost my short-term memory.

Natassia Before
Natassia Before

I was told by my neurologists and physiotherapists that going to the gym would be very beneficial for me in the long run. Not only would it help significantly with my memory, but it would also help my sleep, mood, to be less stressed and agitated. And it did exactly that, soon going to the gym was all I ever did and all I looked forward to doing.

I first started going to the gym during my physiotherapy sessions in 2012; it was only once or twice a week for an hour. Then, I got a personal trainer to introduce me to more exercises and workouts. The gym was in the walkable distance at that point in my life, and it got to a point where I pretty much walked there whenever I had any free time to spare, with the sole purpose to get stronger. I spent a day in, and day out at the gym, there were days I went twice.

But then in 2016, the gym I used to go to shut down randomly, and I didn’t go to the gym for about a month.

I saw the worst changes in my mood, stress, anxiety and sleep and I knew I had to do something or I was going to stay forever cranky.

As of right now, my schedule is a little crazy due to school and work again. I work as a Digital Marketing Associate and Graphic Designer in Toronto, and I will be graduating college in January and UofT in May.

I try my best to make it to the gym at least 2-3 times during the week and always wind up living at the gym on the weekends.


What I love most is that the trainers and bootcamps will take you from where you are now to somewhere you never thought you could get on your own. They help you achieve all your goals! Going to Bodies By Design helped improve my overall lifestyle.

Words of wisdom: Never give up. Set a goal and kill every workout!

I know it sounds cliché to say but going to the gym made such a crazy impact in my life, I never expected it at all. Killing a workout was and will always be my way of coping with anything negative or strenuous.

Natassia V. – Bodies By Design Member Spotlight

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