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I started my journey in September of 2015. I weighed 147lbs, way above the 110lbs I was in 2011. I literally stalked Bodies by Design Personal Training Studio online for four months. I read the daily inspirational blogs, the star profiles, read all about the trainers and what the gym had to offer, and watched all the YouTube videos I could find.

I gained weight gradually, without realizing it. I was depressed and stressed with some curveballs life had thrown me. New Year’s Day, 2016, I was scrolling through my phone looking at photos and videos of New Year’s Eve. That’s when I realized I didn’t recognize myself anymore. What had I become?

Enough was enough!

That third week in January, I finally had the guts to go to Bodies By Design and have a consultation along with an hour training session with Kaine, who’s been my trainer now for over a year. I began training some weeks five days in a row. Usually keeping consistent with 3-4 training sessions a week. After two months I started to get frustrated with the lack of my efforts. I felt that whatever I was doing (or not doing) it didn’t make a difference to my weight loss goal. I was ready to give up as I had gained five pounds and reached 151lbs!

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After speaking with Caroline, the General Manager at Bodies by Design, she referred me to  Filomena, a registered dietician/nutritionist. I took a leap of faith and trusted Caroline to see her. I began my journey with Filomena on March 21, 2016, and within six weeks I had astounding results just by adjusting my dietary habits. I started off at 148lbs and my waist at 36.5 inches. I was in the overweight category according to my BMI, and my waist exceeded the upper threshold of 35′ or less for women. By April 19, 2016, I had lost 10lbs and 5.5 inches off my waist. I didn’t starve myself; I didn’t follow a low carb, I didn’t take any supplements or shakes for this to happen. I have changed my food choices, my portions, and the timing of my meals and snacks.

My progress spoke for itself!

My trainer Kaine geared to my specific needs, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. He encouraged and reassured me that my process would have real results (like my dream to have Carrie Underwood’s legs!). I enjoy having him there to force me to push through those extra reps and spotting me if necessary and making sure I’m using proper form. A lot of times it hurts and burns and feel dead afterward, but it’s awesome! He motivates me! To have him look over my shoulder and say that I can do it…. I’m  not sure I could push myself that hard without him. Kaine and I have become good friends. He is down to earth. Our daily conversations about life are effortless. We laugh and joke around and by the time you know it, our hour is up. Thank you, Kaine!

maria bodies by design

I turned 40 years old this October! And I feel fabulous! I’m in the best shape of my life! I now weigh 113lbs, and my waist is 27 inches!!  

I am excited and happy, and I’m  feeling much more positive and love my active lifestyle and continuing it! Working out and eating healthy has become my addiction!

Everyone has their story.

Their ups and downs. I’ve read many of the star profiles. My conclusion to all of them is we are looking for a change. A better “you.”  We all want the best healthy and happy lives we can have. Some words of wisdom for people getting started, make a commitment to yourself!

Don’t use excuses!

Convince yourself; it won’t be too hard!  You have to want the results. You do power! You only have one life to live. So why not live it to the fullest? Eating healthy and exercising are the best ingredients combined!

Maria L. – Bodies By Design Client Star Profile

Maria with her trainer Kaine
Maria with her trainer Kaine

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personal training in woodbridge ontario
Kris with Star Profile Client Maria

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