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Strength Training, Fat Loss and Toning

Best Training Characteristics

Patience and great communication skills



Words of Wisdom

“Don’t worry about being motivated, focus on being disciplined”

joey personal trainer vaughan ontario

I first started working out when I was 16 and never stopped. I went through a bunch of different training phases. Sport-specific training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and now I currently a competitive Olympic lifter.

Through all these different training regimes, I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge not only through self-study and learning, but thought my coaches and teammates as well.

I never really thought personal training would be a career choice for me, but I had trained some friends and a few people at my local gym and instantly fell I love with the concept of personal training. I received my certification from CPTN and then started my personal training career.

The smile someone gets when they hit a new PR (personal record) or lose those few extra pounds makes the job worth it. I enjoy what I do and take pride in helping people become the best version of themselves.

I had a client who was concerned with her physical appearance as well as her mental well being. We worked on the physical appearance aspect of training, she hit her weight goals and was very pleased about that, but she was more happy about the mental strength and fortitude she had developed by pushing her body past its limits.

Some think that working out only strengthens the body, but that’s just one side of the coin. It also strengthens the mind, which can be much more valuable, that is why this is my greatest success story to date.

The clients that are successful and achieve their goals understand the concept of motivation vs. discipline. When the majority of people start working out, they are very motivated and excited. But as time goes on, the motivation declines, and if the individual doesn’t have the discipline to continue, they will never see the results they were seeking. I often see this negative trend with most beginners, and my advice would be to stay disciplined and committed and always remember why you started in the first place.

The BBD program works because its science-based, what I mean by that is everything we do is calculated and measured, so the chances for positive results are higher. The BBD philosophy and training programs have been up and running for a very long time, and our client’s results speak for themselves.

Joey – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

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bodies by design personal training fitness centre woodbridge vaughan ontario

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