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Joe Greco makes a Lifestyle Overhaul at 50 proving that it’s never too late to make a re-investment in your health and body – because it’s the most valuable asset you will ever have. Read Joe’s Star Profile Success Story!


Once I reached the age of 50, that was a turning point for me to improve my health and physical appearance.  I was always very active at the gym and tried to maintain a decent level of Nutrition and Health. The problem was I ate too much of a good thing. Being a single parent and raising two kids the last ten years has been a very challenging aspect of my life.  Between hockey, school, skating, soccer, and all the other parenting responsibilities I forgot about ME!  Three years ago, I had to chance to change and discipline myself and go for something I wanted.

That is when I changed my eating habits and started to run again and make time for ME.

Fitness Program

I renewed my membership again at Bodies in January 2017.  My weight was close to 180lbs.  I realized the only way I can change my lifestyle was to get personal trainer. I had one trainer for my core and weight loss building strength.  The other trainer was for muscle building and weights.

I then started seeing results not only with my weight but with increased strength and posture in my body. They also educated me about my nutrition and protein intake. I wanted to achieve my desired weight of 170lbs. I am currently at 160lbs, and I can say that I feel and look good. It’s a lifestyle change and a daily way of life.

The Achievement

There are many but one that I am very proud of.  The one that is very important to me was when my aunt was diagnosed with cancer, she wanted my entire family to participate in the CIBC BREAST CANCER RUN/WALK.  I decided to run the 5K which is something I have never done before.  Well, sure enough, I did and was very proud of it.

The Reward

My life has changed because I changed it.  You have to make time and alter your day-to-day life.  I feel better, look better, and my confidence level is very high.  When I’m healthier, I only associate myself with positive aspects of life.  I always say never stop learning and be patient, be thankful every morning when you get up!

What’s Next

Moving forward I would like to build more muscle tone and strength. I find being over 50 your body does change, and you have to kick-start it once in a while.  On a personal level, I would like to explore the Bordeaux region of France and indulge in natures bountiful fruits without feeling guilty!

Joe Greco – Bodies By Design Client Star Profile


"Invest in your body and lifestyle, it is the best equity you may ever have!"

- Giuseppe Greco



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