gaspare loses the freshman 15

Gaspare loses the freshman 15 with a personal trainer which also gave him the strength to push past his limits, increase strength, and gain confidence!

What was life like before fitness/health? 

Life before working out was a lot different. I would not think twice about what I was eating and how it was affecting my body, especially when I started University. The freshman 15 was proven to be true and over the past five years; with school stress and starting a full-time job, I became lazy and ate whatever I wanted.  As time passed, I noticed changes in my body that I was not happy with and was embarrassed about. I was not confident with my body and was not motivated to do any physical activity. I had always wanted to get into a gym routine but made excuses not to do so.

What made you want to start working out/being healthy?

I started working out because I wanted to feel good about myself and be confident with my body.

I wanted to lose the freshman 15, tone my body and gain muscle, but I knew I needed someone to push me.

So I decided to work with a personal trainer 2-3 time a week. Working with my trainer has given me the strength to push my limits and gain the confidence I have been missing all along. Feeling energized, stronger and healthier with my body is has been the best feeling!

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Why BBD?

I chose BBD because I heard their personal training program had proven results. In January 2017, I started personal training with Dan M, and the results have been endless. Although there has been much sweat and pain, it has been worth it every step of the way.

I started getting compliments from family and friends, and it gave me the desire to keep pushing myself, even when I felt defeated.

I liked how BBD was a small gym, and I felt comfortable working out. I began looking forward to going to the gym and working to achieve my goals with my personal trainer. Going to the gym has become a place where I can unwind from my day and focus on me – getting stronger and healthier.

The Reward?

Through the sweat and pain, the reward for me was seeing that transformation in my body, whether from feeling/being stronger, slimming down or feeling more energized, it was the best reward for me because it proved that my hard work was paying off. I was able to come out of my comfort zone and gain back the confidence I had been missing.

What’s next?

Continuing my healthy eating habits and going to the gym to become stronger and toner!


gaspare annibale

"It hurts now, but one day it will be your warm-up"


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