Fitness program helps Salsa Dancer, Sandani, lose 20 pounds and make huge strides as a dancer.

• Salsa dancing fitness program

The Setback/Wake-Up Call/The Goal

Almost over a year ago, I found myself, for once, taking a small break from school. I spent this time traveling and enjoying things that I hadn’t had the time to do – such as salsa dancing. With all that free time, I also started to notice more things about myself, and that I didn’t quite have the same level of mobility or endurance that I once had. I was more sluggish and had developed horrible posture from being arched over a computer and textbooks. Taking a hard look at the scale, I also realized that while working away to reach a definite goal with my education, I had forgotten to take care of my body.

The rude awakening was amplified by a physical check-up which revealed that also clinically-speaking, I was overweight.

Lo and behold, I was even heavier than my father, who despite having large muscles and a bigger stature, was considerably lighter than me. Even though I had always maintained a moderate level of activity, I realized that I needed a little more help to reach my goals of wanting to feel lean and strong. In starting a search for a personal trainer, I came across Bodies By Design and decided to attend a consultation. Truly, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

• Salsa dancing fitness program

The Program

I came to BBD at 160 pounds, which was a substantial departure from my more familiar weight of 135 pounds. Even though I was already reasonably active (given my part-time job as a Zumba instructor), it was my training at BBD that helped me really make my workouts effective. The integration of weights and knowledge transfer of how to do things was pivotal to helping me feel reassured that I was on track to reaching my goals. I only train at BBD once a week, but regularly use my trainer’s feedback and guidance to train on my own as well.

Through increasing the frequency of these crafted workouts, I began to ‘feel’ results. While I didn’t immediately find drastic changes to my appearance, I certainly felt lighter, leaner, and stronger. Over the course of a year, I can both see and feel the difference, with a new standing weight of 140 pounds.

I like highlighting that it took me this long because it shows that the results can take time and that dedication is key.

Along my journey, I can admit that I haven’t been consistent. But personal training is what brought me closer to my goal than I have ever been, and it continues to keep me motivated and focused on achieving sustainable, lifestyle changes. It’s constant learning at BBD!

Salsa dancing fitness program

The Achievement

My recent achievement has been a substantial improvement in my salsa dancing. It’s actually a pretty big deal, considering that I have no dance background. To tell the full tale, I train with Soul 2 Sole, which is a well-known dance company that has many classes across the GTA. Consequently, there are many people who participate, all with varying levels and backgrounds of dancing. For me, this was intimidating and is a large part of the reason why I took so long to start dancing in the first place.

Even after starting, I continued to harbor doubts and compared myself to other classmates/dancers – especially while feeling overweight and sluggish at 160 pounds.

Through working with my trainer, however, I was able to work on specific points/areas that were impeding my dancing.

My trainer was especially sensitive to this need and always kept an eye out for opportunities to train me in a way that was conducive to my dancing.

Salsa dancing fitness program

Physically and mentally, it has been challenging, and sometimes down-right discouraging. But a year later, I am more than halfway through the salsa training/curriculum at Soul 2 Sole, and have also started teaching salsa classes. I am more confident with dancing than I have ever been, especially when I get expressions of awe after dancing in front of participants that are just starting out. It reminds me that I was once upon a time staring at other dancers in awe and that through hard work and focus, I have made huge strides as a dancer.

The Reward

The reward for me is feeling boundless in what I want to do.

I am not a dancer by training, but BBD has helped me get closer to moving the same way as dancers with a lifetime of training.

I still have a long way to go – it’s definitely a work in progress – but I am so much happier knowing that I have made leaps and bounds in my dancing through training with BBD. Simultaneously, and perhaps most importantly, I have made huge improvements in my self-confidence, which has helped me in all aspects of my life.

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