4 Healthy Fats to keep you Fit

It was two decades ago, and I was preparing for my first bodybuilding show. The nutrition ideology was quite different back then, and dietary fat was not in fashion. I bought into the myth that dietary fat of all types was the cause of many health and weight problems.

total body workout with dumbells by Kris J Simpson

7 MinuteTotal Body Workout with Dumbells

There are many barriers that can make starting a weight-training program very challenging. First of all, there’s the intimidation factor.  Weight-training isn’t as simple as it’s cousin Cardio.  There are a lot more ways of getting it wrong than right and is literally a hundred different ways of doing a simple bicep curl.


Perfect Meal Plan in 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever got frustrated with how off track your eating has become? Have you said; “that’s it, I’m going to start a meal plan on Monday!” Then perhaps you scoured the internet for a diet that you thought would be a good fit for you (the faster the results, the better). I need to tell…


Are Grains Helping or Hurting You?

Are Grains Helping or Hurting You? Have you ever wondered or believed that grain-based products, like bread and pasta, attribute to weight gain and obesity? That eating grain-based products can leave you feeling bloated and gassy and that maybe you are gluten sensitive, or allergic to gluten?


Are you in your To-Do List?

Have you ever wondered what it would take for you to have a perfect day? A day of high energy, and drive, and motivation.  Of inspiration, intuition, and a day where you had a peacefulness, and a content-ness about you.  A day where everything was in balance.


Sitting Disease

Is there such a thing as sitting disease? Becoming aware of how inactive we are is usually all it takes for people to sit less and move more. Our feet were made for walking – but that’s not what we do. Our bodies were made to move yet we remain sedentary. This is a fact…