Home Gym Design

Studies show making it easy and convenient for you to work out will help you stick to your fitness goals. One way to achieve this is setting up a mini-gym inside your home, where equipment such as dumbbells, stability balls, resistance bands and bosu balls will tone your body and build muscle.

I Wish Ferrari 2006

Bodies By Designs annual I Wish Ferrari charity event helps lift the spirits of some sick children as the kids get the ride of a lifetime, cruising around Woodbridge in Ferraris. The luxurious cars are graciously provided by Daytona Auto Centre.

Tosca Reno comes to BBD!

On June 29th, 2006, Bodies by Design and Oxygen magazine brought Tosca Reno, a renowned author and world-class fitness star, to Woodbridge for an exciting Butt-Shaping Seminar. BBD clients learned about the ultimate butt-shaping exercises, along with top-rated nutrition tips. Robert Kennedy, the publisher of Oxygen magazine and MuscleMag International, also attended. Be sure to…


Weight loss Resolution

Reviving Your Weight loss Resolution Every year Bodies By Design president Kris Simpson sees many residents who cant stick to their New Years weight loss  resolution of getting in shape and staying healthy. He tells Rogers News overcoming this failure is about planning, setting realistic goals and getting some guidance from a fitness professional.