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Kris:                 Hi, Kris Simpson from Bodies by Design personal training. We are proud to present our next client star profile, Robert. Robert’s story is about a guy that had a hard time looking in the mirror, he seemed to be in a state of denial. In fact, with his life he was digressing and not progressing. Here’s Robert, and Christian and Kirk his trainers to tell the next client star profile story.

Robert:            Two years ago, I was really in a bad place. I was besides being 50 pounds overweight, which appeared maybe to be my only problem but no. I was feeling down, I wasn’t very optimistic. I’d lost my sense of humor. I was avoiding doing fun things. I was avoiding social occasions. I was even avoiding mirrors, weight scales, anything which would tell me the truth about what I was denying and I was denying was that I was feeling old before my time, I was feelings listless, and I was felt like I was defeated somehow. I wasn’t getting much enjoyment out of my life.

My wakeup call was one day when I was looking at picture of my wife with another man. I looked closely and okay, I had to admit that other man was me. That’s the guy who’d been avoiding cameras. That’s the guy who’d been avoiding mirrors. That’s the guy who’d been avoiding everything. I would look tired. I had bags under my eyes. I had this really weak, awful defeated smile on my face, and besides my wife who looked fairly beautiful and I thought, “No, this is wrong. This is wrong. That other guy is in no more pictures with my wife.”

Sabrina:           Before bodies by design, Rob was a little bit heavier, 50 pounds heavier and he would stay at home a lot more. He would be not always in a good mood.

Robert:            My wife sort of heard on my face and I looked at myself in that picture and she said really the same thing she’d been saying for quite a good long time. She’d been coming to Bodies by Design and she’d often been hinting that, “Rob, you really ought to take better of yourself. Why don’t you go to Bodies by Design? Why don’t you come along and I think you’ll really like it?” One more time she said, “Rob, come to the gym with me. I think you’ll really like it,” and this time I listened.”

Kirk:                 When I first met Robert I believe he was quite introverted and I don’t know if that was because he was uncomfortable within himself or as a person but I truly believe that after working with Christian and myself over the months that [inaudible 0:02:51] and again, the results that he has, he has become a totally different person.

Robert:            My trainers Kirk, and Christian and several others to take care of me. They had a great program, so much variety all the time, and they are so knowledgeable, so encouraging, and they just wouldn’t let me fail. They just pushed me all the time to do my best, encouraging. It was just always been a pleasure and really yes hard but really a pleasure and something that really fulfilled me inside and gave me back all kinds of ambition, and confidence that I had just been waiting as I’ve been denying what I needed to take care of myself.

Kirk:                 He has a sense of humor that I never really saw to begin with like he makes us laugh. I know he makes half the session’s sarcasm and laughing, and so on and so forth, which really makes an hour of punishment go by quite quickly for both of us I’m sure.

Robert:            They were so knowledgeable about diet. They were able to recommend various foods to me, alternatives to things that I’d been eating. They told me about the importance of portion, and when to eat and how to eat.

Christian:         He was a guy that put his heart and soul into every single exercise that we actually dished him and he was actually able to plow through that because of his energy levels.

Kirk:                 We are very, very strict about being able to tell us what he had eating the day of or the day prior. He was always going on with being able to track his diet.

Christian:         Yeah, absolutely. I mean we have that program in place. We are pushing the program in place. We are actually able to pinpoint exactly where his energy levels might be lacking, or where he’s actually done very well and that’s pretty much a task in it to … the type of technology that we are using today in his training.

Robert:            One of my other problems was that I had a chronically sore hip and sore feet. They did a physio assessment on me, they saw what my problem was and they went to work on it. Besides all the great physio work that they did, working on my hip they put me on a training program where they made me stronger. They helped me lose weight, yes, and that was an immediate pay off but they helped me to get stronger in my core, in my legs.

Christian:         It’s come to the point now where we have to give him sports specific exercises, exercises that involve a lot of coordination, a lot cardio, and aerobic capacity, a lot of strength. I’ve got to give him a lot of boxing drills just to work him and then at age 50, that isn’t easy but he’s making it look easy.

Kirk:                 He’s a Dragon Ball racer in the summer time. This was Robert’s first year of Dragon Balling. I believe that he surprised himself in regards to the energy and the endurance that he could actually perform towards a team of being on Dragon Ball racing.

Sabrina:           Here’s an interesting story. We were sitting around the dinner table, and my parents were over, and Rob was showing them a picture of himself, and his sister. My mother looked at it and she said, “This picture, you took before you were married, right,” but it wasn’t. It was a picture he had taken two weeks prior to that actual gathering. He looks very good for his age.

Robert:            Advanced age.

Sabrina:           And it’s because of everything that he’s been doing, all the work that he’s been doing at Bodies by Design. We are really happy.

Robert:            I believe now more than ever that we need to have healthy bodies in order to have a chance really to have a healthy mind, and a healthy outlook on life. We are built to exercise. We are built to use our bodies and we are not made to get weak and worn out before our time. At our age, if you are a middle-aged man like me you shouldn’t be worried about getting cancer or a heart attack. You should be worried, thinking or looking forward to embracing life, to taking on challenges. To seeing what else, you can do besides everything else you’ve done in your life. Most of us we’ve done okay at work. We’ve been successful at work but about being successful in our own lives and finding out a sport that we thought we’d never do.

I’m boxing. I never thought I’d do that. I always loved to watch it on TV, well, why let other guys box? I’ve always admired skiers and people who’ve been outdoors and now I’ve been doing that myself and this is what life is to. It’s about having the confidence to look beyond what you think you’ve accomplished and then sort of coast to some sort of end and retire. No, we should be embracing our life and seeing that every single year that we have … we don’t know how many we really have but let’s give us our best chance and let’s live fit and strong and ambitious and looking forward to everyday and taking on new things.

Kris:                 Hey, it’s Kris here again. I hope you enjoyed Robert’s star profile story. I think there was two messages that were clear. Get out of denial, number one. Get on the scale, get to your doctor’s, get into tight fitting clothes, get out of denial.

Second, listen to your loved ones. Remember Sabrina that girl Robert’s talking to here at Bodies by Design. Thankfully, he listened. Robert, congratulations on your 55 pounds loss and gaining aback your mojo. Christiana and Kirk, you did an awesome job. Until the star profile, inspire to aspire and remember the next star profile could be about you.


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