Enrico joins the BBD Team!

Ever since I was a young child, martial arts has inspired me to be the best I can be and has provided me with the Tenets of Taekwon-do: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. I am a 3rd degree black belt and  have been dedicated to Taekwon-do for over ten years, which has made…


Amit & Ankur’s Progression

Amit and Ankur are progressing their way to the Star Profile Podium.  They have a combined weight loss of 68 lbs and 12 inches lost from their waistlines!  There long-term goal is to lose another 70 lbs of combined weight by July 1st 2013!  They are planning their own Firework Show for this Canada day!

Daniel’s 2nd year with BBD!

The Triple “D”   Dynamic ! If you have trained with Daniel you will know what I mean! His multi-cultural workouts include a NOT-SO favourite of mine called the “Turkish Get-Up” Delicious ! He has a Protein Shake named after him…and yes the “Triple-D” shake is absolutely delicious! Dedicated! He is dedicated to OUR cause…


Shawn’s 4th year with BBD!

Today we celebrate Shawn’s 4 year anniversary at BBD!   Shawn a.k.a. “The Coach” has been loyally serving BBD clients for 4 years now by getting his clients off the “The Bench” and giving shouts of encouragement from “The Sidelines”.  He always has a watchful eye on his client’s nutrition and gives his “Locker Room”…


Star Profile Candidate: Lucio

I had always been a very athletic guy growing up and being in the gym was a big part of my life. I certainly gave my all in everything I did to be the best I could be, mind and body. I had a good fitness regimen but my priorities grew as I got older…