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Despite her busy career as a junior lawyer, Bodies By Design member, Preya Singh, won the overall title Miss. Canada’s Top Choice 2018 along  Miss. People’s Choice 2018 and Miss. Charity 2018!

I had never thought I would join a pageant until I came across Canada’s Top Choice Charitable organization. My reason for joining CTC was to not only pursue a passion for modeling and the fashion industry but to also closely be involved in a non-profit organization that helps its community and gives back to its people.

My passion to help people around me allowed me to earn the title Miss. Charity 2018.

BBD’s involvement: I have been apart of BBD for several years now. The gym itself, the programs it offers including Boot Camp, Nutritional Guidance, Physio, its staff and trainers, have all helped me get back into shape for this pageant.

Last year this time I was not the happiest with myself, despite coming to the gym 4-5 days a week; that’s when I decided to take up Personal Training at BBD. I was introduced to Melissa C. and she really invested the time helping me train, teaching me the right exercises, providing me with nutritional guidance, and always passing words of encouragement (even on my off days).

I began reading the weekly BBD’s emails and I would pick up on something new and try adding it into my daily routine, whether it be a kitchen tip, a health tip, or a tip for the gym.


Despite my busy career as a junior lawyer, having won the overall title Miss. Canada’s Top Choice 2018 along with two other awards Miss. People’s Choice 2018 and Miss. Charity 2018 has been a glorious achievement.

My life started changing for the better when I started my first pageant journey. Having achieved my body goals which not only boosted my self-esteem, and having won my first pageant, I’ve had ample opportunity to meet some beautiful contestants, councilors, community members, and I feel delighted being apart of local charities such as The Scott Mission, Canadian Cancer Society, Give and Restore Hope Children’s society, Easter Seals Ontario and helping local businesses raise donations.

I am looking forward to further challenge myself by competing in 2019 WBFF. Be that as it may, my life-long goal is to continue living a positive and healthy lifestyle.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is right now. Do not waste your “today” waiting for “a tomorrow. Take action today.


Preya Singh – BBD Member Spotlight Winner 

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Canada’s Top Choice Council is a not for profit organization. Our mission is to support local charities, promote community involvement, give back to our community, self empowerment and to spread the appreciation for the art. Our motto is “Together We Can Build A Better Community”

The purpose of the pageant is to promote and enrich communication and learning between our girls and ladies to provide them with various skills and be more involve with their communities. Numerous girls and women from different cultures will demonstrate their talent, intelligence, charity, community involvement, and beauty in a competition to become Jr. Miss, Miss Teen, Miss, Ms. Canada’s Top Choice 2018. Creative performances showcasing the candidates’ intelligence, charm, and creativity.

Canada’s Top Choice Pageant will be donating to Scott Mission Feeding Program and Gemma Loves Blue Colorectal Cancer Canada. We also support Give and Restore Hope Children Charity by donating books for their literacy program, and Snow Angels for homeless program. In the past, we donated to the Yellow Brick House, Canadian Cancer Society and to Paraiso ng Batang Manila Feeding Program thru Kimberley Montielo Ortiz.