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Mat – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario



Cardio strength training, sport specific training, circuit training, weight loss and muscle gain.

Best Training Characteristic

Motivated and determined to help clients reach their goal


Personal Training Specialist (CAN-FIT-PRO)

Words of Wisdom

A client never fails in a gym, A client fails when they don’t make the effort to come to the gym.


I played competitive hockey for 14 years and achieved high standings in many international championships. Recently, I have started judo and hope to earn my black belt in a few years. When training myself, I use my knowledge from hockey and judo to develop programs that are suited to my short and long term goals. I received my personal training certification  in 2008 and I became a personal trainer not only because I wanted to pass on my love for fitness, but more importantly, for the feeling that I got (and still get) from training.


Bodies by Design Personal Trainer

All you need is the motivation to exercise, which is where I come in. A CLIENT NEVER FAILS IN A GYM, A CLIENT FAILS WHEN THEY DONT MAKE THE EFFORT TO COME TO THE GYM.

There is a fine balance between trusting your trainer and understanding yourself and your body and how hard you’re willing to push yourself in order to reach your goals.

The Bodies by Design program is highly effective as it allows you to work all areas of the body, with each exercise in the circuit hitting more than one muscle group. Exercise with little to no rest allows your heart rate to increase, which in turn, decreases body fat. The anaerobic and aerobic exercises allow you to burn and build muscle at the same time, a safe way to successfully reach those short and long term goals.

I take great pride in my training technique and motivating personality, and during the sessions, I feel a sense of accomplishment when a client can perform an exercise that they were unable to complete at the start of their training sessions. My exercises force you to work hard, but as your trainer, I am and will always be the support system you need to make every session a positive experience and keep you coming back for more!

Mat Chalons

Bodies by Design Personal Trainer in Woodbridge Ontario


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