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Stefano – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario


Bodybuilding and Strength Training

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West 38 Personal Training Certificate

Personal Training Certification ( Ontario Fitness Council)

Standard First Aid with CPR HCP

Words of Wisdom

“Discipline over motivation!”

Stefano Lombardi - Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

Growing up I was involved in various sports: hockey, soccer, swimming, high school wrestling. My brother started working out at the gym, seeing this fueled my interest in fitness and bodybuilding as a way of competing with him. I started researching proper techniques, looking at different exercises that transformed bodies and used these exercises to develop a program that would enable me to transform my body. I also realized that working out helped me to deal with my anxiety.

My journey to transform my body began a few years ago with a lot of trial and error which lead me to explore proper nutrition. I believe that the two elements, fitness and nutrition need to work together to gain optimal results.

It is important to incorporate proper nutrition in a fitness regime, many clients fail to understand the importance of fueling the body with healthy and well-balanced meals in order to see results.
Clients who succeed understand that a bad diet cannot be out trained, they realize that no matter how hard one trains, if one’s diet is not well balanced, results will not be seen.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.”

The BBD program works because clients are given a proper meal plan to follow and training sessions that focus on their specific goal.

Stefano – Personal Trainer Vaughan Ontario

bodies by design personal training fitness centre woodbridge vaughan ontario

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bodies by design personal training fitness centre woodbridge vaughan ontario

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