Kaine- Personal Trainer in Woodbridge Ontario



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Personal training really has to be experienced to be appreciated because there is nothing like having your own Fitness and Nutrition Coach!

Kaine- Personal Trainer in Woodbridge Ontario


Weight loss, body weight, functionality, endurance, athletic conditioning and strength training

Best Training Characteristics:

Motivating, caring, honest, and friendly


  • Personal Training Specialist (CAN-FIT-PRO)
  • BA in Sports Science
  • Fitness Group Coach
  • CPR C

Throughout my life I have been involved with sports, whether its golf, soccer, tennis, or track I have played at a fairly competitive level. Going with my best success, I became in love with soccer. After winning multiple regional and provincial championships with my high school team, I got selected to be a part of the University of DC men’s soccer program on a full scholarship. Then, from there I transferred from the Division 2 School to a Division 1 school in NY, called St. Bonaventure, where I finished my degree in Sports Science.

While away at school I realized truly how much of a factor fitness comes in to play with elite athletes. I quickly fell in love with the results of what hard work and dedication brings. This is what brought me to Personal Training. I love the feeling of being in very good shape, and I wanted to share how I felt with people around me. Although many trainers have different styles, I am interested in your well being and connecting with you on a different level so that I can make the biggest difference in your physical fitness. In the end, you’re going to listen to the person you get along with not the person you barely talk to while they count your reps. It takes steps to get from the wrong path to the right path and sometimes when you decide to take the easy road it can be difficult to change back to the right path.

With the right guidance and people to assist you, we can make it possible by helping you make those right steps in the right direction, and by consistently improving on yesterday’s results.

The BBD way can and will take you from where you are now and bring you to somewhere you never thought you could get to on your own. Our system is that we use total body training to get the best workout possible EVERY time, mixed with correct and current nutrient coaching programs to help you better when you’re not in here with us training. Many people’s downfall of a workout program is at home when no one is watching. Our program can make it all much easier for you and rewarding! Just look at the walls at all of the star profiles and tell yourself that if this or that person can do it, you can do it too!

"Let love and passion fuel your strength, while hate and anger make you unstoppable"

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