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Learn how to transform your body, health, and lifestyle so you can lose fat, get toned, and have tons more energy - without having to workout seven days a week.

Normally an $80.00 value, you can claim a FREE Personal Training Consultation.

That way you can try us out with no obligations whatsoever, and determine for yourself if our services are a good fit for you.

Personal training really has to be experienced to be appreciated because there is nothing like having your own Fitness and Nutrition Coach!


Personal Trainers Woodbridge Ontario

We have created a motivating environment by providing certified personal trainers with dynamic personalities and enjoyable fitness programs.

Our studio will provide you with what most health clubs cannot; a private, clean, and comfortable atmosphere.

Bodies by Design’s personal trainer’s primary goal is to give you the “bottom line”- RESULTS!!

Nat – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

I have always had a passion for fitness and athletics. At the age of 3, my parents put me in hockey, which I played competitively until the age of 18. I played five or six days a week, and I was always in shape, but when I stopped playing, I gained a lot of weight…

Melissa C

Melissa a Bodies By Design Personal Trainer in Woodbridge Ontario became a personal trainer so she could help make a difference in other people’s lives It was hard at first to change what I was used to doing for such a long time, and I did struggle with trying to be active every day and…

Daniel M – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

Daniel, Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario for Bodies by Design started physique training when he was 15 years old. My journey started when I was 15 years old, training myself and wanting to make my body change into something I wanted to look at every day. I use both weight training and cardio conditioning to make…

Kaine – Personal Trainer in Woodbridge Ontario

Throughout my life I have been involved with sports, whether its golf, soccer, tennis, or track I have played at a fairly competitive level. Going with my best success, I became in love with soccer. After winning multiple regional and provincial championships with my high school team, I got selected to be a part of…

Dan – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

In grade school, I started out running cross-country, which was the first competitive sport I ever did. From there I moved on to soccer and track and field and continued with soccer in high school. But soon after life got a little busy as I started working at the age of 16, so I had to quit…

Devina – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

Devina Personal Trainer Woodbridge, Ontario has a natural passion for all and any physical activity, and her driving force is making a difference for others. I am a certified personal trainer; specializing in weight loss, athletic performance, toning, and endurance training.  Growing up I was very active in physical education and joined various curricular activities…

Caroline – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

I was once asked, “Caroline, why a personal trainer?” I stood there for a second, and the only thing I could say was, “To inspire people to be a better version of themselves.” I do it to push my clients every day, to always give 100%, to share my passion with the world, and to…

Luca Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

Luca, Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario, knows that working in the fitness industry is his destiny.  I started off my journey in the fitness industry playing soccer at a very high level, making it as far as playing on the provincial soccer team. As years went by I realized that there was a physical aspect that…

Kris Simpson – Bodies By Design

Meet Kris J. Simpson As the CEO of Bodies By Design Fitness Studios, Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Seminar Leader and Speaker, Kris Simpson found his calling to help other people master their lifestyle so they can master the things in life that matter the most – their health, career, and relationships – Just as…

Nicolas – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

Nicolas - Personal Trainer in Woodbridge Ontario LEARN HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR BODY & YOUR HEALTH BOOK A FREE PERSONAL TRAINING CONSULTATION Normally an $80.00 value, you can claim a FREE Personal Training Consultation. That way you can try us out with no obligations whatsoever, and determine for yourself if our services are a good fit for…

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bodies by design personal training fitness centre woodbridge vaughan ontario

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