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As the CEO of Bodies By Design Fitness Studios, Health Coach, Best Selling Author, Seminar Leader, and Speaker,

Kris Simpson found his calling to help other people master their lifestyle so they can master the things in life that matter the most – their health, career, and relationships – Just as he did for himself.

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As an elite personal trainer, sports nutritionist and former national bodybuilding champion, Kris is recognized as a lifestyle transformation guru.


Kris is a 25+ year veteran of the weight loss, fitness and physical rehabilitation industry and the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller the All Inclusive Diet.

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Kris works with women and men locally at his fitness studio and internationally through his online life coach program the All Inclusive Lifestyle Academy, speaking engagements and more intimately through in-person intensives, retreats, and one-on-one coaching.

At an early age, Kris understood what his passion in life was, and his journey began in high school with basement workouts, which led to 10 years of hardcore training before becoming a Drug-Free Competitive Bodybuilder.

He then went on to be a National Bodybuilding Champ and carried the message of drug-free sport into local schools by making regular guest appearances and speaking engagements.

Bodies by Design began as a small studio but found instant success and quickly grew into a team of 30 Personal Trainers and Support Staff. Kris has helped thousands of people design their bodies and change their lives and is known as one of the pioneers of personal training. 

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Kris is the co-founder of the annual event I WISH Ferrari™ which started in 2005.  

This non-monetary charity event raises spirits for special needs children by giving them the ride of a lifetime in a Ferrari sports car.

Each year over 100 special needs children and 100 Ferrari owners participate in this event.

I started off as a certified personal trainer and a certified sports performance nutritionist; then I became a certified high-performance trainer and coach.

I’m now able to work with my students on a whole new level because not only am I helping them improve their physical health, but I’m also balancing their emotional health.

This has allowed me to bring the highest levels of peace, happiness, and fulfillment in the three critical areas of life – health, career, and relationships.

My background before becoming a certified trainer was in the arena of bodybuilding, that was my sport, and I went all in for many years. I became the national champ in the drug-free bodybuilding world, and I happily retired to build Bodies by Design.


It all started when I was about 14 years old. I went down to the basement, and I found these weights in the corner full of dust, they were my father’s weights, and he wasn’t using them.

So, I put them together and started working out. It came naturally to me, and it changed my world. It changed my way of looking at myself and who I was in the world because, at that time, I wasn’t the most confident person.

You could say that I was a typical teenager, and I had self-esteem issues, but after I started weight training, my body started to change. It would change week by week, month by month. I would look in the mirror and see new muscles developing, and I was hooked.

I found it fascinating that I could recreate myself. And that’s the magical part of working in this space of health and fitness and helping people, transform their own lives.  What I am doing essentially is reliving my own success story by sharing this gift with others.

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I remember one of my first personal training clients from the early 1990s.  Lisa lost about 76 pounds, but it was more of a skin-deep type of transformation.  I think she said it the best; “my life has completely changed, I’ve never been happier and self-confident.”

Ever since I began teaching and coaching, my motive and objective with each student I work with are to have them live a life of abundance from the inside out. To give them the energy, confidence, and self-esteem that they need to find true happiness. I want them to become their true authentic selves.

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After more than two decades of being the proud owner of Bodies by Design, I can say that the reason why we’ve been so successful when so many clubs in our community have come and gone is that first and foremost, we provide a safe environment here.

That’s important because when people want to make a change to their health, I know that there’s a lot of vulnerability and insecurity that they are bound to have. So it’s important for them to come into a place that feels safe.

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Secondly, we motivate and educate our students.Education without being motivated to act will only create a smarter student who remains stuck.

Lastly, after you get through that door, there’s some work we need to do. But there’s someone here to do the work with you, to guide you and all you need to do is literally show up – At a hundred percent, physically and mentally and follow our instructions, and that’s where you will learn, be inspired and see your confidence and self-esteem soar.

Here at Bodies, we have a purpose statement, we read this statement each meeting that we have, and it goes like this: At Bodies by Design, our purpose is to transform the health and lives of others through inspiration, passion, and drive.

Inspire to Aspire,

KJ Simpson

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“In this life, my epic mission will lead me to a profound yet simple understanding of human emotion, mentality, and physicality. 

The totality of the human experience. I want to be known as a teacher, leader and, caregiver of this newly discovered knowledge and wisdom,

sharing my personal experiences and leaving behind more human beings that live a life of abundance from this inside out.”


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