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A busy mom of three is diagnosed as prediabetic and then starts a strength training program that relieves her neck and knee pain and helps her lose 40 lbs.

The setback

Before fitness and health, I weighed about 190 lbs. I used to be fit before I was married nearly 19 years ago but then after three kids and not losing the pregnancy weight I just kept putting more on.

Then my three kids were diagnosed with various degrees of Autism and taking care of me was put on the back burner.

Along with all the beautiful experiences, stress and worry for my kids will also always be a part of my life. I used food to cope with fear and anxiety. Because if the excess weight I was always tired, experienced extreme muscle tightness, knee pains, and because I have osteoarthritis in my neck had constant neck pain and tension headaches.

My wake-up call

My wake up call was when my doctor said I was pre-diabetic and had high inflammation levels. I realized I need to make myself strong and healthy so I can be here for my children.

It’s like when you are on a plane, and it’s going to make a bad landing you put the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then your children.


I moved into the area and kept driving by it. One day I decided to walk in. The staff and trainers were very kind and like a little family. I liked the gym being smaller and less crowded than the other chain gyms.

I wasn’t interested in training at the time, and I thought I was too old for that. So I got a six-month membership instead. I started just exercising in my own doing cardio and using the weight machines. As I would work out, I was able to see other members training and was shocked that most were my age and even older.

On my own, in seven months I managed to lose about 20 lbs and then hit a hump.

So I thought about purchasing training sessions and went up to a trainer named Nat one day (he had the most Star Profile stars on his profile) and asked if there was hope for me at my age? And he replied, of course, there is hope, and he told me he trains people of all ages, and that age doesn’t matter. So I took that leap of faith, and I’m happy I did.

The program

I’ve been training with Nat for five months, and he helped me accomplish a lot. My goals with him were to lose more weight, tone, and get rid of my knee and neck pains.

Under his guidance, my quads were strengthened, and I no longer have knee pain. He also helped me improve my rhomboid and traps, and I no longer have neck pain.


I have toned up and lost an additional 20 lbs. And I learned about other ways to burn like keeping my heart rate up constantly whereas on my own I realized I took too many or long rest breaks.

I learned how to properly use the weight machines, free weights, the TRX, and other resistance exercises. He also told me things like what’s good to eat before a workout, benefits of drinking more water and most importantly he always knows how far to push me.

It’s been a wonderful experience working with him and can’t thank him enough for all his help! I probably wouldn’t have achieved those goals without him and look forward to achieving more!

What’s next

My next goal involves fine tuning my eating by accurately counting calories in the hope of losing some more weight and as well, continuing to strengthen and tone. I would also like to work on a few problem areas that require more detailed attention.

The reward

It’s natural to have doubts and fears when starting a healthy lifestyle. The key is to have the will, the drive and to keep motivating yourself. That, in turn, will give you the strength. When I felt like giving up or skipping a day, I would look at the BBD Instagram page or Caroline’s page for motivating quotes which helped greatly to pull me back in.

I also firmly believe using a trainer is a necessity to help get you started and achieve goals. And never look at how long it will take, work hard, and you will see results.

Marisa Rosciardi – Star Profile Challenge Winner 

A busy mom of three is diagnosed as prediabetic

"Never look at how long it will take, work hard, and you will see results"



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marisa Rosciardi prediabetic bodies by design

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