Bodies by Design Special Achievements features real life Health and Fitness Success Stories from our clients that describe how fitness changed their lives!

Member Spot Light – Carmine


Challenge yourself so you can bring out your very best inside and out.[Continue]




Member Spot Light – Daniel S

Do not be afraid to change your life.Health and fitness are not for everyone, but then again, it can better you physically and mentally. Whether you’re overweight and trying to lose weight or you’re small and trying to build mass, the road towards health and fitness can be walked on by anyone. I was on the path to get from small too big, and I achieved my goals by working hard, giving up my time, making scarifies and eating and eating and eating. [Continue]




Member Spot Light – Ermanno

What would I tell somebody who’s just getting started? Well I do believe that healthy living/fitness is something that is for everyone. Although not everybody may have the same goals &aspirations a simple truth is we all can benefit from adopting a healthy lifestyle. Becoming active will certainly help you both physically and mentally in your everyday life. The hardest part is just getting in the right state of mind to achieve what it is you wish to achieve. If there’s one thing that I have learned along the way it is that you need direction; know what you want and what you need to do to get there, the remainder is just the motions. In no time you will be well on your way to happy healthy living and you’ll see just how much more you could really be getting out of this life!! [Continue]


Member Spot Light -Dalbir

Just do it! Don’t wait for tomorrow or Monday. If you do that then “the Monday” will never come! You must start now because a year from today you’ll be glad you did! You’ll feel like a whole new person! [Continue]





Member Spot Light – Vanessa  

“The best project you’ll ever work on is YOU!” [Continue]





Member Spot Light – Matt 

matt1“ I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying” – Michael Jordan [Continue]






Member Spot Light – Anna


Working out has been one of the best things for me throughout life, It has help me get through some of my darkest days and some of my sunniest as well. Working out keeps me focused and contributes to achieving my goals and has kept me positive and disciplined.  Through reading and workshops, I have learned so much about foods and the effects and tolls it takes on our bodies. [Continue]




Member Spot Light – Mihir 

unnamedMy advice to people who are just starting or not motivated enough is simple. Fitness is personal. You don’t have to go through a life changing event to realize the importance of it. Find something that you actually care about and use that to motivate you. It will help you not just create long-term discipline but also give purpose to your workouts. You don’t have to start big, start by just showing up, and you will see the benefits not just physically but in all areas of life. If I can get disciplined at this, anyone can. As Nat says, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do. [Continue]



Member Spot Light – Maria Alicia
To everyone who takes the time to read this, DO NOT give up on your goals. Getting to where you want to be takes dedication and determination. I’m not going to lie and say there weren’t times when I wanted to give up because the weight wasn’t coming off, but it isn’t about the number on the scale, it’s about the way you feel about yourself that ends up being the most worth it.[Continue]



Member Spot Light – Chirstine L

In life there are no guarantees, but there are ups and downs. And it’s not about what we do in the ups that count, for those are the times we glide through the calm breezes that don’t involve much effort..[Continue]




Member Spot Light – Shirin

shirin 2
Member Spot Light – Shirin”[Continue]





Member Spot Light – Harpreet

Member Spot Light – I lost 130 lbs in 8 months!”[Continue]





Member Spot Light – Marisa V

photo 2
Member Spot Light –  It begins with simply accepting yourself where you are now, having compassion and understanding for yourself, and rejecting “cultural” beliefs that self-care is self-centered and wrong.”[Continue]




Member Spot Light – Megan B

Member Spot Light – Megan lost 30lbs with a help of a trainer”[Continue]





Member Spot Light – Tobilola M

Member Spot Light – Tobilola M Journey from skinny to fit”[Continue]





Alicia’s health history doesn’t stop her from reaching her fitness goals.

“Alicia’s health history doesn’t stop her from reaching her fitness goals. Read about how she fought her health problems and how she stayed positive throughout her journey”[Continue]




Yvonne Finds Beauty in Strength After Star Profile

“Yvonne P Finds Beauty In Strength After Her Star Profile Challenge”[Continue]





Antonia’s Life After Star Profile


“Read about how Antonia kept Motivated after her Star Profile challenge was complete”[Continue]

Bianca’s Spartan Race Experience – Is she unbreakable?

photo 1
“Bianca’s Spartan Race Experience – Is she unbreakable?”[Continue]





Life After Star Profile – Constant Fight With Mother Nature!

zMary B_Bodies By Design Client Star Profile_athletic2
“Life After Bodies by Design’s Star Profile Challenge “[Continue]





Life After Bodies by Design’s Star Profile Challenge

Mark R Golfing
“Life After Bodies by Design’s Star Profile Challenge “[Continue]






Michela prepares for the Miss Teen Canada 2015 by focusing on her fitness goals with the help of Bodies by Design!

Miss Teen Ontario



“Michela prepares for the Miss Teen Canada 2015 by focusing on her fitness goals with the help of Bodies by Design!”[Continue]




Lisa challenges herself with a bikini competition to reach past the breaking point with her diet and training!

lisa stock



“Lisa Challenges herlsef with a bikini competition to reach past the breaking poing with her diet and training!”[Continue]



Laura celebreates 1 year of keeping weight off after weight loss!

Laura Journey to wellness



1 Year later after losing 40 pounds and 12 dress sizes … She’s Keeping Weight off after Weight Loss!!” [Continue]




Paul and Mary Get into Shape for their 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Paul & Mary celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary both feeling and look younger after getting into Top Shape!“Paul & Mary celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary both feeling and look younger after getting into Top Shape!”[Continue]




Gabe Conquers the Tough Mudder event

head shot“Gabe never thought he would conquer something as gritty and challenging as the Tough Mudder event but with the support of his family he completed the event!” [Continue]





Tasha competes at the Olympia Bikini Competition

tasha“Tasha, a Bodies By Design Client, qualifies for a National Bikini Competition after recently placing 4th at the Ontario Bikini Competition!” [Continue]




Sylvia’s battle with Colon Cancer

Sylvia Giordano 1“After a series of tragic events, Sylvia now faced a diagnosis of Stage 3 Colon Cancer.” [Continue]





Michael achieves Lifestyle Balance and a Clean bill of Health

Michael achieves Lifestyle Balance and a Clean bill of Health

“After moving to Toronto Michael’s career took off but his lifestyle balance was thrown out of whack until his doctor gave him the wake up call.” [Continue]




Diana uses a Personal Trainer &Treadmill Training for a 10K

Diana_Bodies By sd

To prepare for the Sporting Life event Diana used a Trainer and Treadmill Training for a 10K “I felt as though I could run another 10K without any problems” [Continue]




Monique’s Quit Smoking and Start Running Program! 

Monique quites smoking and starts her running program!

“January 1st, 2014, was the worst hangover I had ever experienced and I attributed it to smoking 100%. I officially quit that New Year’s Day and have not looked back! I have my lungs back and I’m full of energy!” [Continue]



Catti & Daniel Conquer the CN Tower Climb

Catti and Daniel
“Daniel challenged Catti to complete the arduous climb of 1776 steps after she reached 60 pounds of weight loss. ”  [Continue]



Sally see’s Results and her Fitness Addiction Began!


“Four years ago at the age of 43 I was a size 11, I was 50 pounds overweight and I knew that something had to change. So that’s when my weight loss journey began. With a lot of hard work, I managed to lose that 50 pounds, but then unfortunately gained back some of it” [Continue]



Mother of 2 completes Tough Mudder Training!

StefaniaTHUMB   “The most amazing part of completing this challenge was being able to tell my 9 year old daughter what Mommy did and to show her how strong women are. Also, the expression on my 7 year old son’s face when he saw me covered in mud was priceless” [Continue]



Tasha hits the stage for her first Fitness Competition

Tasha thumbnail SA   Tasha, a Bodies By Design client, competes in her first fitness competition and finds her new passion through the labour of exercise! [Continue]




I had a medical condition that came up – I ended up getting prostate cancer

Michael thumbnail SA   I was already in good shape and I was doing pretty intensive yoga for three years, and doing cycling and other things like that, but then I had a medical condition that came up – I ended up getting prostate cancer. So during the times of the treatment…. [Continue]



Within 2 Years I had gone from my 115 pound Athletic physic to a 150 pound over weight university student

  Throughout high school, I was always very active. I was captain of my provincial soccer team, playing 4+ times a week and I also played with the school soccer and volleyball teams. Halfway through high school, however, I tore my ACL…[Continue]



Your Body gives you 24 hours a day all it needs is 1 hour back each day

tom thumbnail SA   When I turned 50 a while ago, I was a little overweight, maybe 15 pounds. I noticed I was slowing down because the little things were taking more effort. I smoked, ate on the road and had blood pressure and cholesterol issues…. [Continue]



Lonnie makes FIGHT weight!

  I told both my BJJ professor and BBD personal trainer Christian “I want to fight!” However, there was a problem: I weighed close to 210 pounds…. [Continue]




BBD Client makes a wager and 2 BBD Trainers land in Las Vegas!

  His journey began at Bodies by Design with a weight loss mission and ended with a victory trip to Las Vegas….




Italo gets fit and takes on the Granfondo Italia

italo special   I felt sluggish and tired. I just thought that was a normal thing, until one day I went for my annual physical. The next day I got a call from the doctor, who said, “You have to come and see me….

Michael Lacaria overcomes Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Michael Special Achievement   For most people, April 1, 2005, was just another April Fool’s Day, but what happened to me was no joke. I remember that day like no other, as it was the start of the worst month of my life, and it would lead me to being diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome…



Jim Femia regains control

  Who would have known that on February 15, 2002, life would change dramatically for the Femia Family. It was a normal day for Jim Femia…




Baby Boomer Brenda Bowd says it’s never too late

Brenda Special Achievement   Seven years ago, as an aging ‘baby boomer,’ I took responsibility for improving my personal well-being. Restaurant food and a sedentary lifestyle were taking their toll. I was 30 pounds overweight…

12 year old Justin Clubine goes to France with Ontario Ski Team

Justin Special Achievement   With discipline and determination, our very own Justin Clubine has been invited to ski in France with the Ontario Ski Team…



Michelle Toscano named Miss Latina Canada

Michelle Special Achievement   Congratulations to our very own Michelle Toscano, who placed first in the fitness division of Miss Latina Canada…




Diagnosis doesn’t disencourage Rosa Melia

Rosa Special Achievement   In December of 2003, I began the journey that every woman fears – I was diagnosed with breast cancer…

Fitness changed Frank Zamparo’s life

Frank Special Achievement   Like some previous contributors to this newsletter, I am writing to bear witness that being fit can make a difference in your life. In my case it helped me overcome my encounter with flesh eating disease…