Interactive Training

Interactive Training is as a mini-group of fewer than five people training together, motivated and guided by a BBD Personal Trainer.

Enjoy the benefits of exercising with your spouse, friends, siblings, and coworkers. It’s motivating, challenging and tons of fun!

Since 1998 we have been perfecting our Small Group Personal Training program, which brings all the intensity of a boot camp or other class-orientated fitness programs, but more importantly, offers individual modifications and attention to moderate progression to avoid injury.

With the small client-to-trainer ratio, it’s almost like having your personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost. The bottom line is that if you can afford any service you will be able to continue with the service long enough to see dramatic results.

Benefits of Interactive Group Personal Training:
  • Motivating –>The dynamic energy of a small group and a Trainer to organize and lead the workout
  •  Camaraderie –>Develop Friendships with your workout partners
  •  Weekly commitment –> You become committed to your workout partners and trainer
  • Moderate progression –>Trainer will modify your workouts based on your fitness level
  •  Allowance for personal limitations / injuries –> Most injuries can be worked around, and your trainer will customize your workout based on your limitations
  •  Affordability –>less than 1/2 of a regular one-on-one Personal Training session

Too many times people try to organize their workout groups but fail because others in the group are not as committed as they are. We assign you to a group based on your interests, needs and more importantly, your availability. We typically recommend at least 2-3 times per week for noticeable results.

A note of caution… our one-on-one personal training is still ideal for beginners or anyone doing rehabilitative work, but once people get comfortable with our exercise program, training in a group can offer that extra incentive to keep going, whether it’s for motivation reasons or because you don’t want to miss out on seeing your friends.

On a final note, if people are enjoying strength training, they’ll do it more often, and by sticking to a small group you’re ensuring that you’re working out safely while still challenging yourself. The beauty of small-group personal training is it has found the balance point between individual attention and group motivation; it is about personal attention. We’re looking to maximize your workout so that it’s efficient and safe and is best for you rather than for everyone else in the room.