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Exclusive Interview With Paul Plakas

Paul Plakas has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years. Co-owner of Custom Fit Personal Training Studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Paul splits his time between training clients, and hosting his hit TV series  “X-Weighted” which can be seen on the Slice Network. I had a chance to speak with Paul to learn more about his incredible journey.

KRIS – Good morning, Paul. Why don’t you start by telling us what happened in high school that started you on your path to fitness.

PAUL – No problem, Kris! When I was a boy, my parents opened a restaurant where they had to work long hours. That meant I spent a lot of time, and ate a lot of meals there. Unfortunately, a typical lunch would be a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake, and I really started to gain weight.  During grade 10 I had a traumatic incident – I went to school that day in a tank top and remember the entire school making fun of how I looked. At that time I thought “I’m sick and tired of looking this way” so I convinced my parents to buy me a weight lifting set and started training in their basement.

K – How did you get into the ‘biz’?

P – I graduated in 1990 from the University of Alberta with a Phys Ed degree and started at a local club as a fitness instructor. From there I joined up with some friends and started the first personal training studio in Edmonton, then went on my own to start Custom Fit Personal Training Studio in 1999.

K – So tell us about “X-Weighted.” How did you manage to start a TV show?

P – One of my personal training clients has been in TV her whole life and had an idea for doing a weight loss show where they have cameras follow people around for 6 months to see if they could lose weight.  She approached me to host, and the first show was called “Taking it Off” which lasted four years.  Then we changed the format of the show and called it “X-Weighted.”  We’re about to start filming the fourth season, called “X-Weighted Families.”

K – On your website, you mention the Top 10 Rules on Exercising. Why don’t you share your favourite with our readers?

P – Sure. I suggest that you avoid lying down or seated movements – they are the two laziest positions that the human body can be in. Most people sit down or lie down already too much so why do the same at the gym? If you want to expend energy and be a functional person, I suggest training with multidirectional movement patterns that have you on your feet.

K – Any last words of wisdom for our readers?

P – Yes. If your goal is weight loss, I recommend that you try to hang out with people who have like-minded goals – if you hang out with people who are interested in keeping in shape, they care about their health and are into fitness, then you are more likely to do the same thing – try to hang out with more ‘fit’ people.

K– Thanks Paul!

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