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chris personal trainer woodbridge ontario

Chris – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario


Weight loss, muscular conditioning, cardiovascular conditioning, muscular hypertrophy, and complete body reconstruction.

Best training characteristics:

Knowledgeable, observant, motivating, passionate, goal oriented, and time efficient.



Words of wisdom

Looking at the big picture from far away may seem complicated, but once you get up close and start painting everything comes together quicker and easier than you thought.

Chris - Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

Chris, Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario for Bodies by Design gives our clients the same feeling he gets every day when he wakes up; to feel great inside and out!

What’s your education, training, and sports background?

I played hockey since I was seven years old, and I played for 12 years, and soccer for 8. I started lifting weights during my grade 8 year in my basement. I continued lifting weights until my first year of college where I studied and completed my Fitness and Health Diploma at Humber College. One day I met a friend who competed in bodybuilding competitions. I went to watch and was so intrigued, and fascinated by how great everyone looked I decided to do one for myself. I still compete in competitions and is my biggest passion and hobby right now.

Why did I want to become a personal trainer?

Before I started competing I enrolled in Fitness in Health at Humber College; I was pursuing a career in physiotherapy. I then realized near the end of the program, that I enjoyed the journey of my own body changing and how much fitness changed my life. I want to show people and teach them the right way to do all the things that took me eight years of training, three years of schooling and hundreds of hours doing my research to figure out. I want to give clients the same feeling I get every day when I wake up, and feel great inside, and out.

Why do some clients fail and others succeed?

The two major things I think play a role is how important you perceive your health, and your mindset towards not just going to the gym, but living a healthier life in general. The secret to succeeding as a client is listening to your trainer, watching what you eat, doing the cardio and necessary training when nobody else is watching. The people that fail are the people who try and make it seem like they are putting in the required work, but in reality, are just cheating themselves. The trainer provides the paint, the brush, and the paper but the client is the one who has to paint the picture for themselves.

Why does the BBD Program work?

The BBD program works because it gets clients who have minimal time to go to the gym to get the most amount of results for muscle building and fat loss all in one workout. This incorporates a full body routine multiple times per week which utilizes large movement patterns with low rest periods to stimulate and recruit the most amount of muscle fibers, in turn also burning a significant amount of calories. Followed by food logging, and weekly check-ins we keep our clients accountable week by week to ensure they stay the course and make progress they deserve to achieve.

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