Dan - Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

Dan transformed his health and now helps others do the same!

In grade school, I started out running cross-country, which was the first competitive sport I ever did. From there I moved on to soccer and track and field and continued with soccer in high school. But soon after life got a little busy as I started working at the age of 16, so I had to quit playing sports.

I’ve always been an athletic guy, so I knew I had to do something. I wanted something with weight training, so I started off working out in my basement with barbells. I’d work out in my basement for 30 minutes every other day. After high school, I joined a gym, and there I realized, “Hey, I like this,” but I was attending college for something entirely different. Also, I was very active but was not knowledgeable about proper nutrition. It was not until college that I knew I had to make a change.

My doctor told me that I had very high cholesterol levels, and a revamping of my diet was essential. I started focusing on my diet and training daily. Within a matter of months, I not only saw a change in my physical appearance but in my lifestyle too. In college, I was enrolled in the Machine Shop program. I did it, graduated, but never applied for a job as a machinist.

I enjoyed working out, and I wanted to help people work out, which is why I decided to become a certified personal trainer.

The success of a client is the most rewarding aspect of being a personal trainer. I tell all my customers that for them to be successful, they need to make their fitness goal a top priority in their life.

By being consistent with exercise and diet, results are guaranteed. When clients are not willing to change their current lifestyle, they will be unsuccessful in their fitness goals. When a client succeeds, we as trainers succeed.

When a client fails, we fail as trainers.

The BBD Program works because we focus these two principal components, Nutrient Coaching and Circuit Training. The first element factors on the principle, Math First. Science Second, to make it easier for our clients to focus on their eating habits. Our second component is Circuit Training.

By burning an optimal amount of calories during a training session, we guarantee our clients the results they set out for themselves. Work with us and it will work for you! My advice for people is to make fitness as a lifestyle. You need to work out regularly, think about fitness every day, and eat clean and healthy every day.

Dan – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario