Caroline – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario


Circuits, split training, cardiovascular training, and gluteus maximus training

Best Training Characteristic
Motivation, Dedication, Passion, Enthusiasm, Flexible and Challenging

Personal Trainer Specialist (CAN-FIT-PRO)

Words of Wisdom

Don’t die to wonder if you’d have failed and regretting you hadn’t tried. Live knowing that even your failures, as hard as they were, felt so much more deliciously satisfying than any fantasized achievement.

Caroline – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

Caroline inspires people to be a better version of themselves

I was once asked, “Caroline, why a personal trainer?” I stood there for a second, and the only thing I could say was, “To inspire people to be a better version of themselves.”

I do it to push my clients every day, to always give 100%, to share my passion with the world, and to lead people to fall in love with life, fitness and being healthy.I am a graduate from Seneca College from the Event Marketing program. I decided to continue my education at Ryerson University for Business Management. Currently, I am studying nutrition to become a Holistic Nutritionist.
My training style is split training. I enjoy concentrating on one body part per day. I change up my routines every two weeks just to shock my body. I used to play hockey, volleyball, basketball and participated in martial arts.
When I work out I feel my heart beat throughout my entire body, and every noise in that room becomes the silence.

That passion, I want to provide that to my clients and make them feel the way I do. Focus on their strength to make them better, make their weaknesses better. To show them that they can do it and they can become extraordinary.

Some clients fail because they don’t plan; they don’t plan what they want to accomplish. They don’t go through a nutrition plan; they don’t go through their workouts; they aren’t disciplined enough. Bodies By Design program works because we provide all the tools you need. We provide the nutritional concept, the coaching, the motivation, and just the family environment that we offer.
A client will succeed when they map out their plan. Everything must fall into place. You miss a day, have a bad day at work….you get over it. I use my time training to completely disconnect from the world. You should hear your breathing and listen to your body MOVE.
The BBD program works because it creates the DESIRE to make changes in your life. YOU start to crave that healthy lifestyle once you see results and it’s also motivating seeing every other person in the room around you all fighting for some type of goal. It works because of the bonds that are built with the trainers and clients. Once a client’s confidence has built up and their path is being paved there is no stopping.
I always tell my clients when you want something, nothing will get in your way. If I stopped when the first door slammed in my face or my first day off in a gym, or the first negative comment that made my heart sink, I would not be where I am today. You can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen to you. Have passion, be consistent, and stay aggressive chasing your goals. You can be unstoppable because you choose to be, regardless of bad days.