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Weight loss, Cardiovascular and Strength Training

 Best Training Characteristics

Passion, Resilient and Hard Working


Personal Trainer Specialist (CanFitPro)

Words of Wisdom

Love yourself unconditionally and never let feelings of inadequacy cloud your view of your goals. In order to reach your potential you have to see your potential

ElenaCirca2007I didn’t grow up playing soccer in my neighbourhood, trying out for the school volleyball team or taking ribbons home at Track and Field. I grew up insecure about my weight and everyone’s perception of it. I was the slow one who was always the “rotten egg” and the one who by the age of 13 was taught how to critically analyze a nutrition label.

My physical activity was mostly tap dancing and Serbian folk dancing in addition to downhill skiing. I lied about my age when I was just shy of 14 years old in order to be allowed inside a gym in order to try to tackle my perpetual weight gain. My commitment to the gym was on and off for the remainder of my high school career, still never attaining and maintaining a healthy body composition. I then headed off to McMaster University to begin my degree in Life Sciences and the freshman 25 soon followed. It was May 6th 2013 when I vowed to myself that I would bring myself to a healthy weight by my birthday that was 7 months away. Then 6 months later, I was at my goal weight and another 4 months later I lost an additional 6lbs.

The grand total success adding up 43 lbs lost and over a 15% reduction in body fat.


I am not looking to inspire others with my own story, but rather, I want to help you become your own inspiration; whether that means becoming faster, stronger, or gaining confidence. As your personal trainer I don’t want to be your motivation, but rather I want to help you find your own. I want you to love yourself every step of the way and gain confidence, even on your off days. Because no one is perfect and life happens, but it’s the net change that matters at the end of the day. You will quickly see how prioritizing health will positively impact your life, work and relationships… especially the one you have with yourself.

The reason I was successful was because I stopped looking for excuses and placing blame on everyone but myself. I knew that I was capable and that I was worthy of a higher quality of life. There is a saying about weight loss being 80% diet and 20% exercise; I do not agree with this. It entirely discredits the psychological strength required to foster healthy lifestyle habits. It’s about setting intrinsic goals such as confidence, energy, mobility and strength that end up trumping extrinsic goals such as fitting into a dress or pleasing someone else.

I’ve worked for the McMaster University gym for two school years where I have had the pleasure of exposing myself to different training styles and practices. My training style has evolved from running and circuit workouts to a more hypertrophy and strength training program. I still do cardio, I still do circuits, but I also love heavy lifts.

Working at Bodies by Design is something that excites me because this is a team that cares. A team that has everyone’s goals in mind and makes sure to equip clients with the necessary tools to make lifelong changes. Weight loss journeys can be very isolating, but at BBD there is a community of people able to help you back up when you feel like stepping down. This is exactly the type of facility I wish I had 3 years ago to help me conquer my battles. If you have made the decision to make your health, confidence and longevity a priority, then you have found just the right place.

Elena P

Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario