Daniel M. – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario


Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

Best Training Characteristics

Passion, Motivation, High Energy


Personal Training Specialist (Can-Fit-Pro)

Words of Wisdom

“It only Works if you do.”

Daniel M.- Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario

Daniel, Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario for Bodies by Design started physique training when he was 15 years old

My journey started when I was 15 years old, training myself and wanting to make my body change into something I wanted to look at every day. I use both weight training and cardio conditioning to make steady progress when it comes to improving the physique.

I am currently a full-time student in the communications studies BA honors degree program at York University; I also have a can-fit- pro certification as a personal training specialist.

The reason I became a personal trainer was for the simple reason that I like to help people achieve their goals, nothing else gives me greater satisfaction.

For every trainer it is hard to see some of their clients fail, I believe that this comes down to accountability. Both the client and the coach need to hold themselves accountable throughout this fitness journey; the client especially needs to want to better themselves to keep making steady progress.

I believe that the BBD programs work because it holds the both the trainer and client accountable for their progress, through weekly weigh-ins and food logging it manages to keep the client on track to achieving their goals.

Daniel M. – Personal Trainer Woodbridge Ontario