Our purpose is to transform the health and lives of those around us through inspiration, passion, and drive.

Since 1998 Bodies by Design Fitness Studios has had a new and innovative approach to health and fitness. Bodies by Design offers diverse training programs for the beginner, intermediate or advanced client. It specializes in weight loss, body sculpting, nutritional management and active rehabilitation.

Aside from being one of the first Personal Training Studios in Woodbridge, it is also the largest studio with 10,000 square feet of space dedicated to personal training. With no long-term contracts to sign, spacious and non-intimidating facilities, and diverse personal training sessions, the studio is a refreshing change from traditional and generic gym memberships.

The key to our client’s success is motivation and education, without those they are doomed to failure. That is simply why personal training is so successful; we are the teachers, mentors, and coaches who provide the know-how to make it happen.

The dynamic atmosphere is created by a high-energy, enthusiastic, educated and experienced team led by Kris Simpson, the director of Bodies by Design. “Gyms are a thing of the past,” Simpson says. “For the majority of people they simply don’t work. Until now people did not have a choice. Now they do.”

Bodies by Design caters to three different types of clients
  • Exclusive Personal Training clients
  • Non-exclusive customers that train independently in conjunction with a Personal Training program
  • Exclusive Independent customers who have studio memberships only
Bodies by Design offers three different types of Personal Training programs
  • 1 ON ONE Training By Design (private and customized training)
  • 2 ON ONE Training By Design (semi-private customized training)
  •  Interactive Personal Training By Design (small group personal training)

In a recent survey Bodies by Design clients were asked to name the top three benefits they have received since joining.  Here are the top three results:

  • Body Toning
  • Weight Loss
  • Higher Energy Levels & Feeling Younger

What also makes Bodies by Design unique is that it has finally brought personal training to new and affordable levels. Their packages are more economical than most fitness facilities without sacrificing the quality of training and the client’s results.

Memberships are incorporated into the personal training packages so there is no need to purchase a long-term membership. Bodies by Design has finally brought personal training into the mainstream so now the majority of people can afford and reap the benefits of having their own Personal Trainer.

The key to our client’s success is motivation and education

Simpson says. “Without those they are doomed for failure. That is simply why personal training is so successful, we are the teachers, mentors and coaches who provide the know-how to make it happen. Most people underestimate the complexity of achieving their goals such as weight loss. The odds are against most of our clients, as statistics have proved, so they need all the help they can get if they expect results. Too often people buy gym memberships as the economical solution. They then don’t see results or fall out of their independent program so in effect they have wasted their time and money. If a client gets started with our personal training program, he or she will have to invest in us and in return I have to guarantee the return on that investment. It’s a partnership towards our client’s goals.”

The bottom line is that we have highly experienced personal trainers,  excellent equipment for toning and sculpting, many amenities such as complimentary towel service and surprisingly affordable personal training rates to suit your budget.

Simpson says, “Our mission continues to be the best provider of personal training programs and delivering the ultimate fitness experience for each and every one of our clients. As I have said to my team, we are in the quest to reach the top of the mountain; we are the climbers … not the campers.”



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